I am absolutely exhausted today!! My whole brain is mostly consumed with a sleepiness that makes me feel like I’m walking in a dream.

I spilled orange juice on the computer a minute ago and now it’s all sticky. I tried to clean it, but it doesn’t seem to be helping :P

I realized on Wednesday at Bible study how many years I’ve been an insomniac because I showed some of our friends a youtube movie that me and my sister and brother made many years ago about a poem I wrote called “the land of sleep deprivation” or something like that about a girl who can’t sleep in a land of people who can’t sleep. haha It was funny to see again. It wasn’t funny to think about that fact that I’ve been dealing with sleepless nights since I was about 13 though. Today I feel like I’m feeling the exhaustion of the last 14 years, but it’s probably more just the exhaustion of this week.

Tonight we are going to see the colorado symphony perform. I’m just looking forward to spending some quality time with my fiance. It feels like the weeks are flying by, so any time that we get to slow down and do fun things is special. I want to hang on to those moments the best I can! I’m hoping I’ll be awake enough to do that tonight.

I’m learning a lot about letting go though. I feel like God is consistently teaching me and reminding me of that concept of  letting go of my ideas of perfection and how things “should” be and just being the way I am and rejoicing in the good things that are. So today I will say that I am thankful for…

my baby
the sunshine
the little boy I nanny and how cute he is
my puppies
my amazing friends
and the fact that I am dearly loved by my Heavenly Father


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